The Reliance JioFi routers have been in demand since the day they were introduced to the general population. However, these routers are difficult to find in the markets. They can be easily bought online through various online shopping websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. The prices of these routers are definitely lower than the prices of the same routers available in the markets. This is due to the discounts offered by these websites. There are three different variants of Jio Fi routers namely,Jio Fi M2, Jio Fi 2 and Jio Fi 3. So let’s take a look at the prices of these routers and search for the best deals for you.

Buy JioFi Routers From Amazon

1. This website offers JioFi 2 router at a price of Rs 2,050. There is no discount mentioned for this product. However, this price is quite low as compared to other websites. This product has received a 3.9-star rating by over 130 customers.

2. The JioFi M2 router is available at Rs 1,999 which is Rs 500 less than the original price of Rs 2,499. This product is awarded 3.5-stars based on the review of more than 325 customers.

3. JioFi 3 router is available at Rs 1,950 on this website. This price is Rs 750 less than the actual price. A discount of 27% is proposed on this product. This product has been rated 3.8-stars by more than 450 customers.

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Buy JioFi Routers From Flipkart

1. JioFi M2 router is available at Rs 1,999 while it’s actual price is Rs 2,499. 20% discount is offered on this product by Flipkart. It has a 4-star rating by over 1200 customers.

2. The JioFi 3 wireless router is also available at Rs 1,999 which is 20% off from its original price of Rs 2,499. Even this has a 4-star rating given by over 1500 customers.

3. The JioFi 2 wireless router can be bought at Rs 2,199 from Flipkart. The original price of this router is Rs 2,499. 12% discount is given on this product.

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Buy JioFi Routers From SnapDeal

1. Reliance Jio Fi 2 router is priced at Rs 2,360 at a discount of 6% while its original price is Rs 2,499. It has achieved a 4-star rating by more than 50 customers.

2. Reliance Jio Fi 3 router can be purchased by paying Rs 2,173 which is granted at a discount of 20%. The initial price of this product is Rs 2,700. Even this product has received a 4-star rating by over 60 customers.

These were the prices offered by Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon for the different variants of Jio Fi routers. All the products had a good review from the customers. To know more, go check them out and get the best deal for yourself.

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